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Psychology of Colors in Your Home

Have you been postponing home improvements because you can’t decide where to start? Maybe you should consider changing the color of the rooms in your home or office. Color and lighting have a major role in our mood and how we feel.  In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the psychology of colors and how it affects your mood. Varying hues create different temperature sensations, and other color stimuli produce interconnected physiological and psychological reactions, giving people a sense of comfort or labor.

Add these shades to your home or business and see how they can change your mood or behavior.

Red and Yellow

In the psychology of colors, warm colors evoke a strong sense of vulnerability. It can make you feel warm, light, hungry, or angry. Thus, these colors are best seen in the kitchen or dining area.

Fast-food chains use these colors because they stimulate appetite and hunger. If you want your family to enjoy a hearty meal it would be best to have these colors in your kitchen. 

One important thing to remember in applying reds and yellows is to choose the right intensity. We don’t want to blind people with many bright colors. You can apply reds and yellows to a wall or on accessories.

Blue and Green

When people see the color blue or green, they often associate it with the sea, sky, or plants. It also gives off a relaxing and calm feeling. 

In order to maximize this emotion it is best to have this shade in bedrooms. But be forewarned, too many blues and greens can also invoke the feeling of sadness or depression. It would be wise to use it as an accent rather than as wall paint. You may also add accessories that have a hint of green to encourage that cozy and safe feeling.

Beige and Brown

The living room is the center of activity in every household. There are numerous family interactions happening in the four corners of this room. As such, it is important to set the right mood for socialization. 

The shades of beige and brown evoke feelings of warmth and openness. Its neutral vibe encourages calm and safe conversations. 


When it comes to remodeling  your bathroom, cosidering the psychology of colors can greatly enhance the overall experience. We cannot deny that the bathroom is one of the most comforting places in the house (It better be!). Bathing and soaking should be done in an area where you feel comfortable and relaxed– away from the stresses of the world. 

White may be an option for your bathroom as it gives off a clean and pure aura. To support this ambiance, you may add objects or accessories that have a lighter shade of blue or green. 

SW Florida Builders Group can help you create a space filled with colors based on the atmosphere you want to create in your home or office space.  Whatever the job SW Florida Builder Group is here to help your thoughts and dreams become a reality.  Contact us today for a free quote and get your next project moving in the right direction.  Visit our website to get a free consultation or call us at (727) 325-1327. 

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